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TOV Back and WWEh Goodness

Posted in General Hockey with tags , , , , on 03/17/2010 by Ben Gilbert

Hey everyone, just a quick encouragement to check out the newest episode of The Obstructed View. These podcasts are always a hilarious time and I’ve become a pretty regular listener.

Also, Rob and his cohort Cody over at Wings Win Eh? have been coming out with some interesting posts recently that put a new spin on our Red Wing/NHL lives besides the typical game preview/recap stuff.  You should especially check out the Referee Slant and the updates about the Happy Hudler Saga.  Keep up the good work over there Rob and Cody.

Finally, my plan is to hopefully begin semi-regular posting from next Monday’s game against the Penguins on.  No promises, but I wanna get back fully engaged and school-work has been a bit lessened recently.

Keep your chin up kids, we’re sitting in a playoff spot right now!  LGRW!