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A Campaign of Manifest Despair (Review: Calgary Flames and Fight of the Night)

Posted in General Hockey with tags , , , , , , , on 11/28/2009 by Ben Gilbert

Calgary Flames 3 – Detroit Red Wings 0

The depression sets in.  Embrace the darkness.  The dawn must come eventually…

Sad Mickey, the dog, knows how you feel.

It’s too tough to do a review of tonight’s game.  The Wings are trying, and it’s not good enough.

I want to take a cue from Kenny the sleepy panda and nap until the playoffs, and hopefully Detroit will be there when I wake up in mid-April.  This hurts.  It hurts really bad.

I’m not attacking any particular player or coach after today.  I just don’t have the energy.  Please let’s just score a goal tomorrow against St. Louis.

We’re such a delicate team and fan base right now.  Hold strong everyone, the refs cannot hate us forever.  Gary can’t screw us into oblivion.  We need to take a cue from the little guy and get scared…

There.  Are you scared yet?  Are you scared that maybe the Red Wings are not as good as they have been over the last 14 years?  Are you scared that the playoff run will have to come to an end at some point, and this year is as good a year as any?  Are you scared that all that we have held to be sure in Detroit is failing, and that everything we thought we had seems to have been taken?

Now…take that fear.  Embrace that fear.  Convince yourself that it is still worth it to be a Detroit Red Wings fan.  It is still worth it to be a hockey fan.  When you are scared that everything you love could be taken from you, you’ll begin to cherish what you have so much more.  Every amazing play from Dats and Z, cherish it.  Every time Helm creates a scoring chance because he’s the fastest guy in the league, cherish it.  Every time Jimmy Howard gives up a huge rebound but Nick Lidstrom sweeps it away from trouble, because he is all that is perfect, cherish it.  We cannot have excellence forever…but we do have the Red Wings forever, both good and bad.  I’m still on board.  As painful as this season is, it  only serves to make the wins that much sweeter.

Let’s. Go. Red. Wings.

Random Fight of the Night:

Joey Kocur in late 80’s form…


Preview: Calgary Flames (Christmas Wish-List)

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Instead of just doing the typical game notes and predictions, in the spirit of the season, I’m going to submit you to my early Christmas wish-list.  Maybe the Red Wings can get me some of these on black-friday…

All I want for Christmas:

  1. I want Ville Leino to purchase a nice cottage in northern michigan and retire there.  He obviously does not want to put out the effort Detroit fans expect form their players, and this way he’d be able to tell all the people up-north about his glory days playing for our beloved hockey team.  Maybe in 20-25 years an age group will come along that will marvel at the fact that he once wore the winged-wheel, failing to realize that he was a complete disappointment the entire time he did.  Little would they know, he only played for us because of gary’s salary cap and the obnoxious amount of injuries we’ve sustained.  I’m done with Ville…yes, I’m writing him off.  I hear Charlevoix is nice this time of year…
  2. I want Todd Bertuzzi to join Ville.  Reference everything I wrote above and apply it to Bert.
  3. I want Johan Franzen to stop thinking that he’s going to make it back for the olympic games.  This scares the thanksgiving stuffing out of me.  So he wants to skate in a month, then play in a couple games with the Wings, followed by a grueling 2-week single-elimination tournament.  Coming off ACL surgery, somehow this doesn’t seem like a spectacular idea to me.  The last thing the Wings need is Franzen to re-injure anything or even be hurting heading into March.  This is all considering that we may, unfortunately, be battling in the playoff race come that time of year.  We need the Mule back strong and healthy.
  4. I want better Special Teams.  Namely I want better Penalty-Killing.  We’re the Red Wings, and we have “great” defensive depth and a good core of penalty-killers.  Yet somehow we can’t actually stop other teams from scoring…it baffles me.
  5. I want Ken Holland to go back in time and sign Vinny Prospal to play wing rather than Bert or Williams.  Oh hindsight…
  6. I want Georges Laraque to never play another NHL game.  It’s painful to watch this man play hockey, and no fan should ever have to pay to see it.  End this.  Immediately.  (I’m looking at you Bob Gainey.)
  7. I want Ryan Getzlaf.  What!? I’m allowed to dream alright.  It’s Christmastime, maybe a surprise is awaiting me…
  8. I want the Red Wings to sign Darren Helm for life so that I can feel confident purchasing a #43 jersey soon.
  9. I want the Red Wings to have a 4-game winning streak at any point this season.
  10. Finally, I want to wake up and have this nightmare be over.  I’m ready for April and for us to be a top-4 seed.  I don’t enjoy watching games like the last two.  I’m sick of hearing about different players “trying” and “working hard.”  This is the Red Wings.  To quote our favorite muppet Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try.”  That is a mantra the Wings need to pick up and run with.  The Red Wings win.  Period.  If they aren’t then things need to get changed.  I’m tired, and I’m not enjoying the fact that we’re not even in the top 8 in the conference right now.  I’m not completely freaking out, but this is taxing as a Wings fan and I’d simply like to be reminded at Christmastime that my hockey team is still one of the premiere franchises in the league.  Let’s start with tonight.

Side note, at the pace the Red Wings are taking shots and failing to score goals, I only have one thing to tell them…You’ll shoot your eye out.

Calgary Flames vs. Detroit Red Wings

November 27th 7:00pm, Joe Louis Arena

Game Notes:

  1. Eaves is back in the lineup and Brad May is the odd-man-out for the rotation tonight.  It was surprising to see Eaves sit, but I’m glad he made a quick return.  He’s played decent and deserves to be in the lineup.
  2. Ozzie starts tonight due to the goaltending carousel the Red Wings have going on right now.  Howard will probably get the start tomorrow since it’s a back-to-back.
  3. Jarome Iginla is really awesome.  As in 16G-7A-23Pts-28PIM awesome.  Hopefully his awesomeness is not on display tonight…
  4. Mikka Kiprusoff will likely start for the Flames in goal tonight, since he plays like 95 games a season for them.  He is prone to have some great games followed by 6-7 goal duds. He’s given up 5 goals in his last 3 starts.  Hopefully this means his due for a flop.

Bold and Stupid Predictions:

  1. The Red Wings score tonight. (Bold, I know…)
  2. Dion Phaneuf puts a questionable hit on a Wing and we somehow are left wishing Brad May was in the lineup to respond…
  3. Abdelkader puts a goal in tonight.
  4. The Red Wings have the lead in the 3rd but blow it due to defensive let-downs…
  5. Final Score:  Flames Win 4-3/SO.