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Antarctic Birds and Essential Points

Posted in General Hockey with tags , , , , , , on 03/22/2010 by Ben Gilbert

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings

March 22nd, 7:00pm, Joe Louis Arena

So I’m returning to the blogosphere to hopefully be able to comment more fully of the goings-on in the world of the Red Wings with more frequency.  I’ll be beginning tonight by posting a little pre-game, and noting my excitement because I’ll be attending tonight’s game against the Pens with my friend Joe who is a born and raised Pens fan.

This game should also put us way way over the goal for H2H, which is bar-none the coolest story associated with Red Wings hockey this year.  Hockey fans are the best.

Game Notes:

  1. Eaves and Cleary are still out tonight as they were against Vancouver on Sunday.  On the one hand this sucks, but on the other I hope that Cleary will become more effective when he gets back to full-health.  He was slumping in a big way since the Olympic break, and I think he may have been trying to play through an injury.  We want to welcome you back fully healthy Buckets.
  2. Evgeni Malkin is out tonight.  This is hopefully a plus for the Wings as the injury bug makes a trade. What do you guys think?  Is it pretty much even for us to be down Eaves/Cleary with the Pens losing Malkin?
  3. Speaking of Eaves again…dang I want him back on that PK unit stat.  He needs to be resigned after this year for a 2-4 year deal.  He and Darren Helm make up perhaps the best forward combination on a PK unit in the league.  Pure dedication from Eaves and the deadly speed of Helm…that is a winning combo.
  4. The game is at 7pm on Versus. My guess is that the over/under on Ovechkin references is 15, and on Ovechkin’s recent suspension or “overly-physical” play is 5.  I know you will all be missing Ken and Mick, I’m glad I get to see this one in person.
  5. We need these two points to continue to keep alive the hope of moving up to the 7 or even 6-seed in the West because everyone and their mother keeps winning games.  At this point if the Coyotes keep winning maybe we could get lucky? and play them in the first round.  I’m not sure how I would feel about that versus the opportunity to take out Chicago or San Jose in the first round.  Oh well, let’s just make it in first.  We need the points to do it.
  6. WIN
  7. Prediction: Wings Win 5-3.

Preview: Vancouver Canucks (Steve Yzerman Night!)

Posted in General Hockey with tags , , , , , , , , on 11/12/2009 by Ben Gilbert

Tonight at the Joe is Steve Yzerman night.  GET YOUR FREE PLAQUE!!!  In all seriousness though, lets try and fill the building for tonight, 1) For Stevie, 2) I’m going down with two friends who have never been to a game and it would be nice if the crowd was in good form.  For us, or for him:


I have hope, let’s do this thing.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Vancouver Canucks

November 12th 7:30pm, Joe Louis Areana

Game Notes:

  1. Roberto Luongo is expected to be back from injury and in net tonight.  This would be his first full game back since the last time the Wings played the ‘Nucks on Oct. 27th.  This should petrify me if I listened to the media, “Greatest goaltender of our generation makes triumphant return tonight.”  Could they love him more?  My goodness, Luongo is like the Tony Romo of hockey, win something in the playoffs and then we’ll talk.
  2. Mikael Samuelsson returns to Detroit for the first time since leaving town for the great white Northwest.  How will the fans treat him?  Probably a couple boos here and there, but I’m gonna be a proponent of not doing anything…he was drastically overrated.  I’m kinda glad he’s gone.  I was saying for two years we should have moved him.
  3. Play like last night…please.  Pretty Please.  I beg you.  Score at least 5 more goals.  Kronwall for a hat trick tonight?  Ok maybe not, but seriously, energy and jump for a full 60 and the Wings have almost any game in the bank.
  4. Drew Miller??  Wherefore art thou?  Will we see you in the lineup tonight?  Hopefully Brad May gets out there and redeems himself for the unbelievably crappy “fight” he was a part of last night.
  5. Drew over at Nightmare on Helm Street has his Pointless Preview up.  Always a good read before a game.

Bold and Stupid Predictions:

  1. Cleary nets one and gets a 3-game goal streak going.
  2. Brad Stuart feels the need to let Mikael Samuelsson remember who he plays for now, probably injuring him in the process…since that seems to be Vancouver’s luck these days.
  3. The Red Wings don’t play a full 60 since these are back to back games, but they still maintain a high level for 50-55 minutes.
  4. The Joe has the loudest crowd of the season.
  5. Final Score Red Wings win 3-2.