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Posted in General Hockey with tags , , , on 01/14/2010 by Ben Gilbert

Starting two weeks ago I entered what has quickly become one of the most hectic periods of my life up to date.  I figure I owe you, the fine readership of BTC, an update of why my attempt over Christmas break to return to posting flopped.  Frankly, I have one of the toughest classloads I’ve had, work, and all my weekends are full with events through the next 5 weeks.

Consider this my unfortunate notice of Hiatus.  I will still be a loyal follower of many of my favorite blogs (hint: they are listed at the right), but I will be unable to keep up consistent posting until likely after the olympic break.

In good news, I will be attending the game between our own Wings and the Penguins on January 31st down in Pittsburgh.  That is currently the highlight of the gauntlet I am running.  I can’t wait.

See you fools in March for the stretch run…and of course eventually the playoffs!  Let’s Go Red Wings!