Asininity at Its Finest

(If you don’t know what Asininity is, it’s the noun form of asinine)

What to say…

There are countless recaps of the atrocity that occurred last night.  Here are a few: NOHS, A2Y, TPL, and TTD.

I’m not sure what there is left to write about what occurred to the Red Wings last night.  You, me, Gary Bettman, Toronto officials, Stars fans, even LaRue himself knows that what transpired last night with 13:36 left in the 3rd period was a goal.  It was.  Brad May put in his first as a Red Wing.

Congratulations Brad, good reaction time on the backhand and it snuck in for you somehow.  It’s a 2-2 game, and the Wings are on the way to earning some points in the standings.

Wait?  No?  What’s that? We intended to blow the play dead before the goal was scored…

There comes a time when asininity, complete and sheer stupidity, is too much to take.  I don’t demand that the NHL refereeing be perfect.  I understand that penalty calls are subjective, I understand that Refs can’t see everything all the time.  Yet, I cannot bring myself to “accept” or “understand” when gross incompetence and idiocy is promulgated by the NHL time after time.

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. At 13:39 of the 3rd period Brad May backhands a shot towards the net.
  2. By the time the clock reads 13:38, the puck is in the net and the whistle has not blown.
  3. The whistle is blown as the clock reads 13:36.  That is a full 2 seconds after the puck was in the net.

That’s right.  2 seconds after the shot went in, the whistle went.  Also note, that the time difference from the shot to the whole puck being across the goal line is less than 1 second.  How could this goal not stand?  You asked, so Mr. LaRue answers:

“There is no goal on the play.  The whistle had blown to kill the play.”


The whistle had blown to kill the play…2 whole seconds after the puck was in the net.  LaRue doesn’t even mention intent to blow the whistle here.  What is he basing this decision on?  It can only be fabricated lies and the pride of a man more worried about himself than the integrity of the game he officiates.

Did you blow the play dead as Brad May was taking a shot?  You know, that thing players do when they are trying to score in that game we sometimes call Ice Hockey.  Or did you blow the play dead as the puck was traveling towards the net because you thought: “Oh whatever, I think this play isn’t going anywhere.  Brad May can’t shoot well anyways.”  Or did you blow the play dead when the puck was across the goal line…and then somehow still decide that this was not a goal?

The facts are above for you to read.  This is Negligence and Incompetence.  I’m still furious.  The game should have been 2-2, this would have changed the complexion of play, and thus the whole outcome of the game.

What I can’t stand is the way the NHL allows it’s referee’s to stand behind obviously incorrect calls.  There is no subjectivity involved here.  Watch the replay above for yourself.  This is absurdity at its finest.

Babcock said it very succinctly after the game:

“The guy never meant to blow the whistle. It was a shot, it was in on the shot,” Babcock said. “It’s as dumb as I’ve ever seen.”

Asininity.  (I just wanted to write that word again)


2 Responses to “Asininity at Its Finest”

  1. ChampionFan06 Says:

    I could let the initial call go as long as it was overturned on the review. The gross neglegence perpetuated by last night’s officiating crew is inexcusable.

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