Review: Dallas Stars and Fight of the Night

Stars 3 – Red Wings 1  Final

The NHL is asinine at times.


No goal.  Brad Freaking May.  The puck is in the net…And no goal?


Three Bar:

  1. Right Post – Jonathan Ericsson again seemed to find a way to get the puck into the Red Wings net.  That trend needs to stop.  I understand he’s huge and was clutch in the playoffs.  He also managed to somehow blow my prediction that I thought was assured, and was solely responsible for a goal against.  Thanks.
  2. Left Post – The Red Wings did not seem to have the same jump the whole night.  Admittedly, I missed a good portion of the game while out at a dinner.  However, from what I saw, it wasn’t like against Toronto, but it was a mediocre effort.  We’ve been over this.  A mediocre effort isn’t good enough anymore with this team.
  3. Crossbar – Hank keeps the train rolling.  He continues to be on fire, and I love how he is finally getting some respect in these parts.  He does not get talked up enough by the sports media or fans (including myself).  This guy is a model of consistency.  Maybe we don’t talk as much about him because we don’t marvel at his plays like we do Datsyuk or Lidstrom at times, but Z is for real, and is a special player.  Thanks Hank for showing up night-in and night-out.
  4. Empty Net/Final Shot of the Night – Seriously NHL.  Your review process blows.  Intent to blow the whistle is atrocious.  I can’t even begin to write about this tonight.  I’m livid.  At least it wasn’t Brad Watson who made that call tonight…

Fight of the Night:

Shanny vs. Adam Foote.  Classic.


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