Review: Anaheim Ducks and Fight of the Night

Red Wings 7 – Anaheim 4  Final

I believe this game can only be described in one way:

Zetterberg - Red Hot

Seriously though, 3-game win streak.  Yes.


Love it.

Three Bar:

  1. Right Post – WTF Ericsson??  That was a learning point.  Let’s never clear it past Ryan Getzlaf when you are last man back again.  What a crappy decision.  What a way to come back afterwards though and play decent the rest of the game.  Forgiven cause of the win.  Moving on.
  2. Left Post – News flash, Jimmy Howard let in a goal he shouldn’t have.  He played average or worse.  The Red Wings still won.  Welcome back to reality and a backup goaltender.  I will say though, he didn’t scare the crap out of me most of the time, and really, he is seeming a bit better over time.  I’m encouraged.  I’m not sold and ready to think he’s a future #1 by any means, but I’m encouraged for our backup situation still.
  3. Crossbar – Drew Miller was solid for the 2nd game in a row.  Solid contributions on the 4th line and on the PK.  Pick-ups like him are the reason we’re the Red Wings and they are the Ducks.  Did you notice the time the Wings 4th line got and what they seemed to do with it.  Compare this to Anaheim’s complete reliance on getzlaf-perry-ryan-selanne…and nobody else.  Our DEPTH, even with Franzen, Filppula and Williams out, is still so much better than other teams.  It feels good to feel that way again.
  4. Empty Net Goal/Final Shot of the Night – Henrik Zetterberg is on fire.  Enjoy this ride.  He had 5 points tonight with 2 G and 3 A.  What a performance and what a roll this guy has been on recently.  Z, thank you for making me be in awe of a forward not named Pavel on this Red Wings team.  I love the Euro Twins.  We are spoiled as fans…simply spoiled.

Fight of the Night:

A nice old Dallas stars fight:


One Response to “Review: Anaheim Ducks and Fight of the Night”

  1. Hahaha!

    Red Hot, baby!

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