Preview: Anaheim Ducks

This will be a quick one because I’ve got some work to get done and I’m in a bad mood after two more wolverine losses.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings

November 14th 7:00pm, Joe Louis Arena

Game Notes:

  1. It’s Anaheim, we hate them remember.  If you don’t please click on the following and Able to Yzerman will be glad to remind you: A2Y.
  2. Chris Pronger is gone and Anaheim is wallowing in 14th in the conference right now.  They just lost in a shoot-out last night to Columbus.  Yes, that team we beat 9-1 3 nights ago.  Needless to say, Anaheim is not in the greatest of places.  They still have Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf though, and my goodness do I despise their smug little coach Randy Carlyle.
  3. The lineup will be the same as this past Thursday with Howard getting the start in net and Miller still in for Maltby.

Bold and Stupid Predictions:

  1. Ericsson unfortunately does not throw down with Corey Perry in a rematch, but he does manage to be the main reason for 2 odd-man rushes when he pinches up too much.
  2. Jimmy Howard gives up more than 1 goal against and slightly comes back to reality.
  3. Mike Babcock pulls out his old duck-whistle from his former days and organizes the Red Wings into a flying-V, for a perfect knuckle-puck from Brad May in OT, winning the game.
  4. Red Wings Win 4-3.

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