Update: College Hockey!

WARNING: This post is about college hockey…it’s OK.  Yes, yes, this is still a Red Wings blog.  Trust me, I figured why not get a little extra hockey in on the side.  Stay with me if you feel so inclined.


So I will be heading to tonight’s Michigan vs. Michigan State hockey game at Yost Ice Arena in Ann Arbor.  The game is at 7:35pm.  This is the first meeting of these two teams since the infamous “I’ma slash you in the neck Steve Kampfer” incident.  FSD is picking up the game on television if you are interested in watching.

I would say the chances of a riot breaking out are as good as those of the Michigan Student Section “behaving” themselves.  What happened last year to Steve Kampfer of Michigan was assault.  Period.  I’m still pissed.

Watch for yourself:

Either way, I’ll be there tonight.  I’m planning on providing a bit of a “recap” of sorts afterwards.

I know our boys Abdelkader and now Drew Miller are former Spartans…but I really don’t care.  They are Red Wings to me now, and I really effin’ hate Michigan State after last year.  Game on. Go Blue.


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