Review: Vancouver Canucks and Fight of the Night

Sloppy, but still a win, I’ll take it.

Red Wings 3 – Vancouver 1  Final

Ladies and Gentlemen, your #1 star of the game: Jimmy Howard

Jimmy HowardThe young fella has come quite a long way since draft day.  Let me finally say it…You’ve done us proud Jimmy.  Welcome to Detroit.

Three Bar:

  1. Right Post – Seriously, Jimmy Howard was above average in net.  On a night when the team needed some serious goaltending because they did not show up, Jimmy gave them the stops they needed.  Being outshot 15-5 in the first, and 26-12 at the worst point, the Red Wings needed a big-time game from the goalie, and Jimmy delivered.  Congrats to him on two well played games.  I am more at ease with our backup situation.  I want to see this a few more times still though before I completely feel at ease.
  2. Left Post – Zetterberg’s goal was filthy.  What a shot.  Luongo played well and Z flat out beat him.  Bobby Lu had this to say: “He went from forehand to backhand and then put in right under the crossbar. Not a lot of guys can do that, only a few around the league.”  When TGGTEL (The greatest golatender that ever lived…if you didn’t catch that) says that you did something only a few can do, respect.  Great move Z.  Glad to see him showing up with regularity.
  3. Crossbar – May had another fight, this time only 2:30ish into the game.  He got a few good punches in but eventually got his head handed to him when his jersey got pulled over.  I have to ask, do jersey tie-downs really work?  I thought their purpose was supposed to be preventing jerseys from getting pulled over guy’s heads.  More often I feel as though they are just keeping jerseys pasted to fighter’s faces.  I have no stats on this, but I just seem to think more and more the tie-downs suck and we should go back to fights where all the gear is flying off.  It’s more fun to watch anyways.
  4. Empty Net Goal/Final Shot of the Night – Thank you Steve Yzerman.  The crowd was loud, and it was wonderful to see you ever so briefly out on the ice of the Joe again.  Thank you.

Not-so-Random Fight of the Night:

Just so we don’t forget…and I still hate Brad Watson.


3 Responses to “Review: Vancouver Canucks and Fight of the Night”

  1. How much do you love that rag doll toss the Rig put on Perry? Love this clip…and love that Ericcson snuck in the first jab over the ref. Dirty. Dirty and gorgeous.

  2. Yeah, the fact is it wasn’t much of a fight. The Big Rig just throws Perry to the ground. In fact, if the same thing happened Saturday I’d be excited. It could be the biggest contribution Big E has had all season…

  3. The only time I notice the Rig lately is when he’s doing something he shouldn’t…like getting in on the forecheck. Someone needs to tell him he’s not a winger anymore.

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