Review: Columbus Blue Jackets and Random Fight of the Night

We’ll classify tonight’s game as attempted assault by the Red Wings.  My goodness…

Red Wings 9 – Columbus 1  Final

We jumped right up and punched them in the face.


Also can you say Kronwalled:


Alright, alright…on with the actual review.

Three bar:

  1. Right Post – The entire Red Wings team played the best game of the season so far.  They were unstoppable and did not seem to let up much at all.  They respnded immediately in the 2nd when Columbus scored, to shut the door and maintain their dominance throughout the entire game.  9 goals, 7 goal scorers.  That’s a good night by a team.
  2. Left Post – Niklas Kronwall had the best vision and energy I’ve seen him have in a long, long time.  At times he looked like he will be a feasible top-pairing D-man in the future.  This performance leaves me encouraged, hopefully we can see much more of this.
  3. Crossbar – Disappointing fight from Brad May.  I actually called the fight when watching the game.  I told my two friends I was watching with, “there is gonna be a fight tonight, probably in the next few minutes,” sure enough, 5 seconds later, Brad May fighting at center ice.  He was man enough to remove his visor/helmet for the fight, but took the first swing and missed.  It was downhill from there.  Not his best showing.  On a night like tonight though, who cares.
  4. Empty Net/Final Shot – Ville Leino was fantastic.  He scored some great goals, forechecked well, and played the best I’ve seen him play all season.  He is a capable NHL player, he can score 20 goals a season, he just needs confidence and drive.  I want to see a couple more games like this in a row though before I completely let up on him.
  5. BONUS – What the heck is Ben Gordon doing Dr. Rahmani commercials during the Red Wings time slot for???  Poor showing Dr. Rahmani, bring Datsyuk back.  His commercial was a classic.  I love it…and you shud tu’.

Random Fight of the Night:

To perpare for tomorrow night’s game against the Canuck’s, I’ve found a solid Darren McCarty fight with Scott Walker.  Notice the shreds of clothing McCarty has left by the end…oh before the jersey tie-downs…

Final question, will Drew Miller, the newest Red Wing Acquisition, see the ice tomorrow against the Canucks?  I’m leaning towards no after a night like tonight…


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