A Tribute to My Grandfather

My Grandfather just turned 90 years old this past month and he is still more than alive and kicking.  He had his party at the local VFW and was still taking a few shots with his grandchildren and friends.

My 90-year-old, WWII Veteran, Irish, Red Wing Fan Grandfather

My Grandfather served this nation in World War II.  He was a ball-turret gunner on the B-17 bomber.  He flew missions over the English Channel into Occupied France and was on the first strategic bombing run over Berlin.

My grandfather is a die-hard Red Wings fan and has been since before likely almost anyone left alive.  He remembers what it was like to watch Gordie and Terry, and Sid etc.  All the greats.  He’s seen them all and he still finds a way today to get the games onto his television screen, even when the league tries their hardest to put the games on more and more obscure networks and channels.

He is always critical.  He can’t stand Osgood’s inconsistency.  He likes the physical games but hates the cheap shots out there today.  He is a purist through and through.  He can also appreciate Datsyuk and the grace he plays with.  He’s told me all these things time and again while we have watched games together.  I’m a Michigan fan, he is an MSU fan, but the Red Wings more than bring us together.

Today, Veteran’s day, I would like to honor my grandfather for being a better man than I could ever hope to be.  He’s led life the way I can only hope to lead it.  He’s the best role model any man could have…and he’s a damn proud Red Wings fan.

To my grandfather, Harold Donnelly.  Thank you for your service to this country, but most importantly to your family and friends.

You are my true hero.

Finally, thank you to all of our veterans and those currently serving in the military.  Your sacrifices are appreciated more than words can describe.


2 Responses to “A Tribute to My Grandfather”

  1. Well said. You’re a lucky man to have him in your life. Thank him for me, and everyone else who’s free to read and write whatever they damn well please, whenever they damn well please.

    I just lost one of my grandfathers this past March. He, too, fought for the U.S. in World War II.

    It’s kind of funny being the son of immigrants – my grandfathers fought on opposite sides of that war. My dad’s father (who is still with us, thankfully) was a member of the Italian army.

  2. Great post. Grandfathers are awesome, especially when they kicked butt when they were younger. And even even better when they are hard core sports fans. Go Blue -DP

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