Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets

First off thanks to Rob over at The Production Line for the mention of the Stu Grimson vs. Tie Domi fight below.  I hope to make Random Fight of the Night a feature of all my game reviews.  Watching old hockey fights is just too much fun not to.  Hopefully I will continue to be able to find gems for you, the find readership of BTC.  Anyway, on with the pertinent hockey talk.

The Red Wings play a road-game the night before Steve Yzerman night at the Joe.  Coming off of 3 days rest they should be fresh.  Normally I would believe the anger of a loss like saturday’s 5-1 stinger to Toronto would be inspiration for the team…but they have yet to show that kind of resiliency and fight this year.  I can only hope they are pissed.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

November 11th 7:00pm, Nationwide Arena

Game Notes:

  1. Obvious point #1, The Red Wings are now without Jason Williams who is out for a minimum of 8 weeks as Snapshots reports.  Coupling this with Filppula, Franzen, Eaves’ “sore” foot, and general fear of the swine flu, we’re on some seriously thin ice with the roster.  So far Kenny Holland has stated that he will not bring anyone up from Grand Rapids and is not in the trade market.  I guess if anything more happens, Derek Meech could always see playing time at forward again.  Great joy of joys.  This injury bug isn’t going away.  Hopefully it only makes the team stronger by getting some of the youngsters a load of playing time.
  2. Steve Mason and the Blue Jackets are 2-0-2 over their last 4 games.  The two OTL’s were against the Sharks and the Penguins.  One of the wins was over the Capitals (albeit without Ovechkin) and the other was a comeback victory over the Hurricanes.  They are playing relatively better than say 2 weeks ago and should prove a decent test for the Wings.
  3. Rick Nash is plain scary to start the year.  He’s got a balanced 22 points in 16 games to start the season.  By balanced I mean 11-11, including 2 PP goals and 2 SH goals.  He is a man possessed right now, and we’ll need the finest effort from our defensive core to keep him and his line at bay.  Here is to another Kronwall/Stuart lay-out.
  4. Per Khan, it appears the Red Wings were working on the Power Play in practice and that Brad Stuart will try being point man for the 2nd unit in replacement of Williams.  Hopefully Brad will contribute something on the offensive end, which always seems a bonus for him considering his penchant for stay-at-home play and crushing checks.
  5. Also per Khan, Jimmy Howard will start in goal.  Jimmy Howard was not impressive against the Oilers in his last time out.  In fact, Jimmy Howard is just plain unimpressive.  I hope to see this turned around.  A big save on Rick Nash or R.J. Umberger could go a long way.

Bold and Stupid Predictions:

  1. Stuart picks up a PP assist manning the 2nd unit.
  2. Howard drastically disappoints again and we are left wondering if we’ll make any moves at all this year at any position.  I know we have a stable of forwards and D-men, but until Jimmy Howard shows something more, I’m uncomfortable with him as our only back-up option.
  3. Ville Leino does anything with his 2nd line playing time.  Literally I’m predicting I notice him once, and that’s it.  This would be better than in some games past.
  4. Draper/Helm/Eaves have at least 2 short-handed scoring chances, but fail to put one in for a goal.
  5. Steve Mason plays a solid 60 minutes and gets my fantasy team a win (unfortunately, not the team I actually want to win the game.)
  6. Final Score Blue Jackets win 4-2

5 Responses to “Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets”

  1. ChampionFan06 Says:

    A win against Columbus will bring the Wings within a point in the division too.

  2. True, and the Hawks also just got Johnny “our own Yzerman wannabe” Toews back in the lineup. The Wings are gonna have to start turing it on or eventually Chicago will start pulling away with the Central. We’re close, but the Wings need to start playing consistent hockey to keep it close.

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  4. Yo, Ben – Keep up the fights feature…great idea…always fun to watch, especially for those of us approaching our 30’s who actually saw some of these LIVE! Ah…the good old days…


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