Review: San Jose Sharks and Random Fight of the Night

Red Wings 2 – San Jose 1  Final/SO

Great game tonight by the Wings.  Being there in person for Budd Lynch night was spectacular.  The ceremony was nice, especially with Lidstrom leading Budd out to center ice.  The whole night continued to show what a class act the Illitch’s are as owners.  As for the game, the crowd was up and down overall, but really gave it all in the 3rd and OT/SO.  I was very glad to get my hands on a free center-ice ticket (Thanks Sully!)  What a game to be at! A spectacular, low-scoring, good hitting hockey game.

Three-Bar Review:

  1. Right Post – How about Ozzie tonight?  He’s only given up 2 goals in the last 3 games (this being despite my two wildly offensive based predicted final scores).  I couldn’t be happier that I’ve been way off on my predictions.  Ozzie has stepped up and in general is playing great positionally.  He got caught on the one goal tonight having moved too far to the side attempting to slide over.  One mistake, and not even “glaring.”  If he can play like that 8 out 10 starts I feel much better about the rest of the season.  Finally, the crowd really gave him some great support in OT and after the shoot-out saves.  He deserved it and it was wonderful to hear everyone get behind the wizard.
  2. Left Post – The Speed Kills line (Draper/Eaves/Helm) was once again spectacular. They were forechecking like crazy, creating multiple scoring chances.  Helm has really stepped up his game, his shot and attempt at the wide-open rebound in OT was a great effort.  Draper looks rejuvenated and is playing very well.  Finally Paddy Eaves.  What can I say, when Fils comes back from injury I’ll be hard pressed not to want Leino/Abdelkader to be out of the line-up rather than Eaves.  He played very well again, creating scoring chances and doing just fine on the PK.  I want to see more of what he has to offer.  Until they change the pace they have set for themselves, I hope Babcock doesn’t even consider breaking up Speed Kills.
  3. Crossbar – Man, Ville Leino.  He had some scoring chances, and he got some nice reviews by Babs and the media.  I didn’t quite see it.  I just don’t from him right now.  I have always been behind this guy.  I thought he would pot 20-25 goals this year and be a solid potential 2nd line contributor.  What I saw tonight was a few good scoring chances that he just didn’t put quite enough on.  I also saw a complete lack of defensive effort.  He needs to learn the system, play two-way hockey, and in general look like he wants to play an NHL caliber game.  I hope this happens sooner rather than later, or else I’m all for letting our stable of players play over this guy.  Win me back over Ville.  Prove me wrong.  Please.
  4. Empty Net Goal/Final Shot of the Night – Zetterberg and Datsyuk were as graceful as ever.  Top notch night by Z and Datsyuk was also working his magic.  When these two are on, it is worth the price of admission. (I know my ticket was free…but seriously…Detroit fans need to get out and enjoy these two while they are in their prime still.)  It looked like our best players were our best players, and that is what coach wants right…

Finally on to everyone’s favorite!

Your Random Fight of the Night:

In honor of the upcoming game against the Maple Leafs.  I give you a fight featuring everyone’s favorite Leaf goon.  Mr. Tie Domi

February 22, 1996.  Stu Grimson vs. Tie Domi (Fight!)


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