Preview: San Jose Sharks

I will be heading down with a good friend to see tonight’s game in person.  Hopefully the Wings will put on a good show as it’s been…gasp…almost a month since I have seen them live.  Anyway, on to the preview.

San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings,

November 5th 7:30pm, Joe Louis Arena

Game Notes:

  1. This is the second game of back-to-back contests for the Sharks.  They played Columbus last night and won in a shootout.  It was mildly entertaining to see wunderkind Steve Mason post a .947 SV% and still not get a win.  That is until I realized I had him starting tonight for my fantasy team.  (I hate you inconsistent Columbus offense…screw it, I hate all things Ohio.)  Apologies for the diatribe.  Looking at it straight though, we can only hope San Jose will be a bit sluggish due to the extra-time game last night.
  2. Dany “Team-wreaking, 70 GOALS” Heatley comes to town for the first time.  His presence along with the entire San Jose offense does scare me somewhat considering that half the Red Wings defensive core is recovering from eating too much bacon.  Ericsson and Rafalski are both supposed to be back in.  This is still scary.  Please let us score at least 5 goals tomorrow…
  3. Due to #2 I will just say this, the odds of Osgood shut-out #51 are about as good as the odds of the Canadian media not discussing Sidney Crosby for one day.  (Don’t listen to them Stevie, you know there are better captains out there for your olympic team…)
  4. The early word is that the Red Wings lines will be virtually the same as Tuesday.  Hopefully that means Leino can do anything, at all, period.  Do something Ville.  Surprise me.  The Speed Kills line (Draper/Eaves/Helm) is still looking amazing as a 3rd line, and I’ll be glad to see the way they check some of the sharks and kill penalties.  These guys are my hope that we’ll be in the top half of the league for PK this year.  Let’s prove it against San Jose.

Bold and Stupid Predictions:

  1. The Red Wings go 100% on the PK, giving up less than a shot per minute of Sharks power-play time.
  2. Holmstrom will score another goal, making it 9 on the season for him.
  3. Dany Heatley scores 2 goals and yet is somehow a minus on the night.  This just goes to show how great Heatley is at individual stats and not at helping his team win the freaking game.
  4. No fights tomorrow night, which disappoints my friend Sully even more than it does me.  This leads to him swearing multiple times whenever there is a scrum and no resulting fist-a-cuffs.  (Sorry Sully, we’ll go to a game together when Mr. May comes back.)
  5. Rafalski is responsible for a bad goal because he is playing at less than 100%.
  6. Final Score: Red Wings win 6-5

One Response to “Preview: San Jose Sharks”

  1. ChampionFan06 Says:

    If we airlift Cedar Point to Michigan, then there is nothing worthwhile in ohio. Since Michigan is America’s hand, the smelly, worthless place beneith it is America’s armpit (ohio).

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