Review: Three-bar and a Random Fight of the Night

Let’s play a game of three bar to review the game tonight against Boston:

Three Bar:

  • Left Post – Osgood played well, as did the entire team.  It was great to see the Wings get a shut-out win even if Boston was missing Savard and Lucic.  Hopefully this is another game to keep building on.  The team seems to be rallying and playing some solid team defense.
  • Right Post – Pavel Datsyuk is beauty and grace embodied on ice.  He also makes defenders trying to get the puck look like 5 year old boys at fat camp, scrambling around the cabin to find their last hidden Baby Ruth bar.  Sorry boys, the counselor has already found it…and he’s passing it to his friend Tomas to chow down/score another goal.  Simply magical.
  • Crossbar – Janik played alright in his 14ish minutes.  Are we better off with him instead of Meech or Lebda?  Tough to call.  When they are all playing and we shut-out the Bruins, it’s a special moment.  I’m not gonna call anybody out tonight.  I’ll simply say Janik played decent and looked like he’ll be a feasible call-up whenever necessary throughout the season.  This is good to know for my general peace of mind.
  • Empty Net Goal/Final Shot of the Night – Finally, The Red Wings are 2 points behind Chicago for the lead in the Central.  Have we all come out of our bunkers yet?  The sun may still rise this season afterall…

Random Fight of the Night:

I miss Brendan Shanahan, and this one is certainly a dandy.  He may not even come out on top in this one, but it’s a great bout nonetheless.


One Response to “Review: Three-bar and a Random Fight of the Night”

  1. Dawg. Awesome. I dig it. I am now a loyal fan of your blog.

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