Preview: Boston Bruins

So I am hoping to do small previews and subsequent reviews of Red Wings games throughout the season.  Without further ado, the official blogging gets underway:

Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings,

November 3rd 7:00pm, Joe Louis Arena

Game Notes:

  1. Both teams are searching for consistency of late.  The Red Wings return from their marginally unsuccessful road-trip, in which they somehow still managed to capture 6 out of a possible 10 points.  Saturday’s game against Calgary was the best game the Wings have played in weeks.  Hopefully that trend continues.  Boston meanwhile enters the game at an even .500  They have not won consecutive games this season, but they have also not yet lost 2 games in a row.  Coming off a shutout loss on sunday to the New York Rangers, they will be looking to put the puck in the net early and often.  If Boston overcompensates, their offensive focus may help the wings generate some chances in transition.
  2. Tim Thomas was ordained a goaltending god after last year’s regular season performance.  This season he seems more human going 4-5 in his nine appearances and posting a 2.66 GAA.  However, he has still posted a shut-out and a .910 SV%  Ozzie on the other hand as we know all too well is floating with a GAA above 3 and a SV% under .900 (3.10 and .889 to be exact).  Goaltending will be huge in the first period as each team looks to get the jump.  Despite his inconsistencies, I think Osgood will play well enough to hold the team in it.  If Thomas can play like an average goaltender in the 1st period the Wings’ chances of getting the quick jump drastically increase.
  3. Ville Leino returns to play on the 4th line alongside Abdelkader and Maltby.  I liked his benching last game by Babcock.  Before the season started I predicted he would score 20+ because we’ve seen the skills he has and the way he can play when he wants to.  He just did not seem to be working hard enough the last 4-5 games.  Hopefully Ville is angry enough to realize that if he wants to get 2nd PP-unit time, or 2nd line time, he needs to put the effort in every game.
  4. Finally, Doug Janik makes his appearance for the Red Wings tonight.  Rafalski is out with the flu (…and for all the little piggies life is getting worse…) Janik is a 29-year-old player who has seen NHL time before, so this isn’t a new thing for him.  I can only hope he contributes well enough tonight, and in any time he gets, that the Red Wings feel comfortable getting rid of Meech or Lebda.  They have proven their inconsistency to me over and over.  Please Doug Janik, be the best 6th D-man I’ve seen all year.  I need to know our third pairing doesn’t have more holes than a strainer.

My Bold and Stupid Predictions for the Game:

  1. The pentaly-kill prowess of draper/eaves/helm nets the Red Wings a short-handed goal.  Speed kills…penalties that is.
  2. Pavel Datsyuk makes Zdeno Chara look foolish on an outlet pass tonight, creating a turnover and a subsequent scoring chance for the Wings.  This only re-affirms that Pavel Datsyuk is a pick-pocket and that Nick Lidstrom is the consummate Mr. Norris.  Lidstrom wants his hardware back Zdeno.
  3. Boston delivers a questionable hit on one of the Red Wings players and the Wings quickly realize they actually really enjoy having Brad May in the lineup.  (Get well soon Brad…)
  4. The offenses both have an outburst, but the play of Osgood in the first allows the Wings to hold on to an early lead.
  5. Doug Janik gets on the scorebord with an assist, proving he can be more valuable then our stable of 6th defensemen so far.
  6. Final score: 5-3 Red Wings win.

2 Responses to “Preview: Boston Bruins”

  1. ChampionFan06 Says:


    Great to see you expanding on your sports writings! I’m looking forward to following your blog. I like your in-depth predictions. I’m sure they will serve as a great way for you to say, “I called Clete Thomas hitting a walk off” throughout the season. Are you going to post your interview when you have finished it?

    • Thanks for the support champion. For the record I did call Clete Thomas…but that was in game and right before I saw who was coming up to bat, it was a thing of beauty. As for the interview, I’m writing a paper on it for class and I’l probably also write a “column” type piece on my own when I get around to it (hopefully in the next 2ish weeks.) I’ve been asked to give a copy of my final paper to the Michigan Tech archives after it is finished, so I’m gonna do this thing right. Might be a little while, but I’m sure this blog/my professor/michigan tech will see the fruits of the good work.

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