…and We’re off!

So that time has come where I have officially decided to enter the blogging realm.  This here blog is titled “Below the Crossbar” not because of any cute reason, but simply because I liked the name and below the crossbar is where “everything counts” (…see what I did there).

The aim of this blog is to be an outlet for my sport’s rants that a majority of the time will deal with the Red Wings and NHL hockey.  Pro hockey is my first sports love and I’m still hooked.  After that is taken care of you might get an occasional ramble concerning (in no particular order): The Detroit Tigers, Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, or a random college hockey article.  Be ready for those, they’ll be fun as well.

To the point, I plan on writing because I would write a lot of this stuff anyways.  Why not have a good outlet for it.  If you enjoy it great!  Feel free to comment or let me know if you agree/disagree with my opinions or analysis.

So enjoy!  To contact me directly email belowthecrossbar (at) gmail.com

Final note, please check out the blogs on the right, they are some of my favorites and their authors deserve some more publicity for the generally fantastic work they do.


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